Throughout the summer, you have been hearing sermons from the Gospel of Matthew.  These lessons help us appreciate the gospel of Matthew as a narrative whole.  The readings can also be grouped thematically.  In October, “conflict” is a theme that emerges.  To enter the kingdom of God is to see, believe, think, and act in distinctive ways.  The Kingdom of Heaven “conflicts” with our usual ways.


Conflict with Earthly Authority

October 1st - Conflict #1: Being Honest with Yourself Matthew 21:23-32

October 8th - Conflict #2: Producing Results Matthew 21:33-46

October 15th - Conflict #3: Being Focused Matthew 22:1-14

October 22nd - Conflict #4: Keeping Boundaries Matthew 22:15-22

October 29th - Conflict #5: Having the Right Agenda Matthew 22:34-46

November 5th - Conflict #6: Being a Lifelong Learner Matthew 23:1-12


The End of History

November 12th - Parable of the Bridesmaids Matthew 25:1-13

November 19th - Parable of the Shrewd Servant Matthew 25:14-30

November 26th - Christ the King/The Day of Judgment Matthew 25:31-46


You may use this link to see the lessons for this week:  Sunday Lectionary