June 29, 2022 Jason Hefner

Praying Psalm 16: Security in God

Praying Psalm 16: Security in God

During our "Summer in the Psalms" preaching series, we are exploring how the psalms can help us draw nearer to God.

Psalm 16 reminds us that God is our greatest good. Taking time to reflect on God's role in our life helps us to combat stress. When we need to regain clarity and security in God, we can use Psalm 16 as an aid. This week, I invite you to continue musing on these points:

1. Reflect on how you have no good apart from him. (v.1-2) Every good thing we have in life comes to us from God.

2. Enjoy the godly people around you. (v.3) Notice how they are noble and inspiring. They reflect God in your life.

3. Be content with what God assigns. (v.4) God has placed you where he wants you and is working within your life structure. Within that "sanctuary" you can have a rich relationship with God.

4. Keep your eyes on God. (v. 7) Place God in the center. Set aside distractions and make God the central focus of your life. Everything can and should be in orbit around God.

5. Be assured that God gives life. (v. 11) God gives us life and leads us into joy. God always has our best interests at heart.

May God bless you as you seek him through this psalm.