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The Session

The session is a council of elders who have been elected by the congregation to govern the church. The session is moderated by the pastor. The session meets monthly. If you would like to communicate with the session, please contact Meg Steele, the clerk (see panel below). Individual members of the session may be contacted by using the Directory.

Currently sitting on Session: Sharon Aloia, James Anderson, Regis Arrigoni, Christie Campbell, Colleen Craig, Jan Farrington, Brian Hillberry, Matthew Komula, Debbie O'Dell-Seneca, Susan Pepper, Elaine Riding, Elaine Smith, Mary Jo Spina, Meg Steele (Clerk), David Thumm.

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Meg Steele, Clerk of Session

The Session is the council for the congregation. It is responsible for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. The session is composed of elders (men and women) elected by the congregation, together with the pastor.

The Clerk of Session manages the records of the Session. Correspondence and inquiries to the Session are welcomed by the Clerk. Connect with Meg here.

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Brad DeBusk, Deacons

Deacons are ordained to the ministry of compassion, witness, and service to the congregation and to the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, and anyone in distress. Every member and family in the congregation has an assigned Deacon.

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Kitty Fischer, Music Director

Kitty received a Bachelor of Music Degree from West Virginia University and did graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland. In 2012 she retired from the Music Department at McGuffey School District where she directed their choral program. She continues to be a vocal soloist and participates in area music programs.

In 2006 Kitty became the director of Choir at Faith Church.

Kitty was married to the late Rev. Dr. Roger Raymond Fischer and has three married children: Roger 2nd (Marcia), Steven (Heather), and Katy Herold (John), and five grandchildren: Abby, Jack, Max, Eli and Zeke.

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Susan Gregg, Office Manager

Susan facilitates the ministry of Faith Church by ensuring that business administration is conducted efficiently and effectively. She is a resource for visitors, members, and outside agencies. Connect with Susan here.

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Toni Sears, Organist

Toni has provided musical ministry throughout much of her life. She began at the age of 7, as piano accompanist while “playing church” at home. Over the decades, Toni has served as an organist, accompanist, choir leader, and handbell director in several congregations. Toni has previously directed the Mt. Pleasant Township Community Choir and taught private piano for 30 years. In 2022 Toni became the organist for Faith Church. Toni lives in Hickory with her husband, Dalton and has one Son, Charlie and one Grandson, Drake.

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Team Leaders

Our teams provide a wide range of ministry services. Please connect with a team leader or group page to learn more about the ministry, to offer a suggestion or question, or to get involved.

The Benevolence Team manages a fund to meet emergency financial needs for members of the congregation. Leader: Linda Brezinski

The Communication Team works to enhance our church's online presence and the use of technology within the congregation. Leader: Jill Schneider

The Disciplemaking Team provides Christian education opportunities for all ages, including Sunday School, special classes, and summer events. Leader: Jean Beam

The Fellowship Team creates opportunities for the congregation to gather as a social community that nurtures relationships, fun, and faith. Leader: Susan Pepper

The Mission Team leads the congregation in sharing the love of Christ in practical ways within and beyond our local community. Leader: Christie Campbell

The Nominating Team seeks out leaders within the congregation and works to place them in offices of the church, such as the Session and the Deacons. Leader: Meg Steele

The Personnel Team works with the pastor and the staff to ensure that employees of the church enjoy a positive work environment that facilitates their professional expression, development, and retention. Leader: John Milne

The Property Team maintains, repairs, and improves the facility and property of the congregation. Leader: Mark Conkle

The Safety Team provides for the accessibility and security of the congregation. Leader: Nancy Simpson

The Welcome Team seeks to welcome visitors to Faith Church and help them to integrate into the congregation. Leader: Colleen Craig

The Worship Team plans and provides for the worship experiences of the congregation, especially Sunday morning worship, with attention to music, preaching, and liturgy. Leader: Regis Arrigoni