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Our Current Preaching Series

This Fall we are hearing sermons from the letter of St. James. His theme is "faith that works." There is a double-meaning here. 

First, genuine faith "works" in the sense that a faithful person takes action. Faith is not merely passive assent to doctrines but a way of living that shows one's allegiance to Christ.

Second, faith "works" because it is effective. It makes a difference. Living by faith deepens the quality and meaning of life.

During these difficult times, we need to be living by faith - for our own sake, and for others. We all want to know that a better way of living is possible. Faith is that way.

August 29th  James 1:17-27 Hearing and Doing the Word

September 5th  James 2:1-17 Warning Against Partiality

September 12th  James 3:1-12  Taming the Tongue

September 19th James 3:13-4:37-8 Two Kinds of Wisdom

September 26th James 5:13-20 The Prayer of Faith

Catch up on sermons that you have missed by listening to the recordings below. New sermons are posted each Monday.

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